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Opiskelu ja elämä
To Overcome Daily Challenges at Welfare Day
Voi hyvää päivää!- Welfare day is arranged according to TUO’s wishes. TUO’s concerns are especially students managing with stress and school work, bullying, sexual harassment, dropping out of school and students getting ill. The purpose of this event was to give students new resources, ideas for hobbies and support a healthy lifestyle which helps student’s physical and mental endurance. In following, the small working groups tell about the things they do in this project and the reasons behind them.
Functional Space = Functional Event
Space group‘s goal from the spaceplannings point of view was to design the spaces as functioning as possible. In our planning process it was important to recognise each facilitys strenghts and on the other hand weaknesses as well.

Our primary goal was to make the spaces usable and easy to approach for the customer so that the customer can feel that visiting our happening was also beneficial for him or her. When we were planning the spaces we had to notice for example the size of the space, the location oft he space and also our partners wishes about the specific space that they will be using to advertise their services. It was also challenging that we were arranging our happenings in two entirely different locations so we had to plan both of them individually.
“Never thought exercising could be this much fun!”
One of the main themes of our welfare day was stress control. Basing on this key word and our own experience the team chose some of the means that decrease stress - relaxation and laughing yoga. In further information gathering the relaxation group found also official research material about their effect on health.

Both relaxation and laughing yoga lower blood pressure and calm pulse. Relaxation also reduces the speed of breathing and the use of oxygen. Ten minutes of proper laughing, in addition to being fun, equals about forty minutes of jogging.
Cultural Encounter
The aim of the part „Be International!“ was that the students can take part in different cultural activities to increase their cultural awareness. Multicultural group organised an interactive cultural role play, a poster game to break the stereotypes and a photo competition. These activities should help to understand students from other countries and make the teamwork easier and the idea of one topic of the photo competition was to increase the awareness were the students can relax in Turku.

Furthermore we hope that because of our activities students can now overcome their prejudgements and get to know other cultures. We also think that we made an important step to strengthen the students’ social capital, which is an important part of the welfare. Having friends supporting us is very important, especially nowadays when society gets more and more anonymous.
What makes you feel beautiful?
Bachelors of Beauty and Cosmetics brought their own professionality to the happening. At the beauty point we made manicures, nail painting and head massages.

We strongly believe that beauty is an important part of the mental well-being. With a relaxed mind you keep going on better, and you also interact better with other people and it intensifies learning. We are sure when you look good on the outside, you feel confident and comfortable inside: Look good - Feel good!
„Sex is emotion in motion“ ~Mae West
Sexual health group’s intention was to help students to use their sexuality to improve their personal wellbeing. We wanted to make young adults to accept their selves through healthy sexual interaction.

In our stand we offered information about sexually transmitted diseases, birth control methods etc. The main thing was still to better student’s self-esteems, to contribute sexual equality and to smooth out taboos that limit healthy sexual behavior.

We had a humorous quiz about sex and sexuality. The winner was rewarded with a price.
Getting Off The Couch!
Sports group focused on the physical well-being. Physical exercise increases welfare by decreasing stress and uplifting feelings. Several researches confirm this fact.

Physical exercise wakes up a "satisfaction centre", limbic system in brains. Just a little walk around the city block doesn't bring results yet. Exercise that gets you winded up and sweating at least for an half an hour lifts up the level of endorphin in the body.

While having sport and physical exertion parasympathetic part of the nervous system - which generally works to promote maintenance of the body at rest - gets out of the way and sympathetic system begins to work more effectively. The higher the pulse gets while having sport and the more tiring the exercise is, the longer it takes for body to calm down. Even though after recovering the parasympathetic system - "relaxing nervous system" - takes a bigger role than before the exercise.

Regular physical exercise strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes the body system. That also increases the peace of mind and stressful situations don't get insuperable.

As a result of all these activities the welfare day Voi Hyvää Päivää! was a huge success.
Sini Kohonen, estenomiopiskelija